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Service Standards

High Quality Standards

To achieve quality in a service requires a set of quality standards and a commitment in the continuous investment and improvement in the service.

Listening to the people who use our service as well as those who inspect our service helps us to have the right quality standards and to continue to make sure we make the right improvements in the quality of our services.

We are registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide Care at Home and Housing Support Services. We have been registered since the register opened in 2004 and are currently graded “Very Good” across the National Care Standards.

Our Service Standards

Our service standards include all of the core principals within the National Care Standards. This means that you can expect our service will:

  • Ensure your human rights are respected and promoted.
  • Ensure you are respected and treated with dignity as an individual.
  • Ensure you are treated fairly and do not experience discrimination.
  • Ensure your privacy is respected.
  • Ensure you experience warm, compassionate and nurturing care and support.
  • Ensure your care is provided by people who understand and are sensitive to your needs and your wishes.
  • Ensure you receive the right information, at the right time and in a way that you can understand.
  • Ensure you are supported to make informed choices, so that you can control your care and support.
  • Ensure you are included in wider decisions about the way the service is provided, your suggestions, feedback and concerns are considered.
  • Ensure you are supported to participate fully and actively in your community.
  • Ensure your health and social care needs are assessed and reviewed to ensure you receive the right support and care at the right time.
  • Ensure your care and support adapts when your needs, choices and decisions change.
  • Ensure you experience consistency in who provides your care and support and in how it is provided.
  • Ensure if you make a complaint it is acted on.
  • Ensure you are asked about your lifestyle preferences and aspirations, and you are supported to achieve these.
  • Ensure you are encouraged and helped to achieve your full potential.
  • Ensure you are supported to make informed choices, even if this means you might be taking personal risks.
  • Ensure you feel safe and you are protected from neglect, abuse, or avoidable harm.

Staff Standards

To achieve the quality standards we set in our services, requires us to set quality standards for the staff who work with us too.
This means that our staff are carefully selected, recruited, trained, appraised and supervised in their personal development. Our staff standards include an understanding of the role of a Social Care Worker as defined by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and the National Care Standards.
This means that all our staff:

  • Are contractually employed with us.
  • Are appropriately recruited/selected and have a criminal record check under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme.
  • Are continuously trained and hold appropriate qualifications appropriate to role
  • Are monitored and appraised for competence in role
  • Receive on-going personal development in their role
  • Can deliver your services in line with our quality standards, policies and procedures
  • Can deliver services in line with the requirements of the National Care Standards and SSSC Codes of Practice for Social Care workers

Monitoring Our Service Standards

In order to make sure your service meets your expectations and our quality standards, we monitor and review your service with you. This means that one of our staff will arrange to visit you to discuss your services with you and will also make regular contact with you to ensure you are happy with your service and help to put things right if there is something you are not happy about in your service.

We also carry out annual service user satisfaction surveys where we look for your views and feedback on your service, as well as any suggestions you may have about how we can make further improvements in our service standards. This feedback also helps us to ensure our services continue to provide a positive outcome for our service users.

We also monitor our staff whilst they are carrying out your service. This helps us to ensure that our staff are carrying out your service in the way we expect it to be carried out, and at the times we have agreed and arranged with you. Our staff also provide us with feedback about the support service you are receiving and whether they feel your service needs to be reviewed or adjusted for you to achieve the best outcomes in the support service you are receiving.

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