Covid 19 Statement

Updated COVID-19 Information for our Customers and Staff (March 2022)

Throughout the Covid Pandemic, Hazelhead Homecare Limited has been committed to maintaining a safe and effective service. Our infection rates have remained very low and those services that have been inspected by the Care Inspectorate have had Infection Control arrangements classed as good or very good.

However, without a doubt, a major factor in keeping infections so low has been the commitment and dedication of our care staff and the support of our clients and their families. Thank you all for your commitment and compliance with Covid guidance and restrictions.

Although many Covid restrictions will be lifted from 23/03/2022 the threat from Covid, especially to people who are elderly and or frail and those classed at risk by nature of their medical conditions, remains and is real.

We give everyone who works for us and uses our services a guarantee that we will continue to be vigilant, following (and exceeding if we feel we should) Scottish Government Guidance.

Our maintain priorities continue to be:

  • Maintaining the delivery and quality of services.
  • Extra effort and resources into our recruitment and retention to uphold safe staffing levels.
  • Updating constantly Infection Control and associated safety procedures to protect our Staff and Service Users.
  • Supporting our hospitals, local authorities, and the NHS with discharges.

To do so:

  • We will continue to require staff to use PPE on all calls and as appropriate in office spaces.
  • We will encourage staff to vaccinate and take all available boosters.
  • We will encourage staff to test at least daily prior to working.
  • We will encourage staff to avoid risks when out socially.

If you have any concerns related to Covid or our management of it we would encourage you to contact our Head of Clinical Governance, Mark Swatton, who would be pleased to address there for you. Mark can be reached via email:

Keeping up-to-date

You may visit our social media platforms to keep up-to-date with our communication around COVID-19 in your local community. Please click here to go to the contact page where you’ll find links to your relevant social channel. We hope that you and your family stay safe and well during this time.

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